Inspiration: April

While the April showers seem to have taken place non-stop since January, I’m still finding inspiration from the dew left in their wake. I am so grateful for the sunshine peeping through my curtains a smidge later than usual and leaving the sky lit for extended porch time at night. There is always such a deep sigh of satisfaction when the new life of Spring is finally here to stay. Regardless of the city, suddenly it seems there are 5,000 more people on my street and everything is happier, funnier, and brighter.


For the first quarter of 2019 I have been (and still am) in a season of stretching to say yes to new opportunities for friendship, work projects, and establishing some healthy habits - so. many. vegetables. I’m in a season of inspiration and leaps of faith, which (for this change-lover) is very exciting. Here are a few things I’m very inspired by that come with during the almost-but-not-yet month of April.

  • Dew. Clean, healthy skin and fresh designs.

  • Early morning natural light. The soft blue hues with a touch of pink - a photographer’s cotton candy!

  • Mauve. Lavender meets blush in this magical concoction that retains some winter hues, while emerging into the brightness of Spring.

  • Hand lettering. No need for fancy font faces here. I’ve been happily doodling with my favorite pens and am a big fan of the character hand lettered details add to a project.

  • Stripes. Thick, thin, and vertical. Yes, please!


xx, Hannah