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Hi, I'm Hannah!

A designer + photographer with spunk and a deep-fried love for houseplants, currently residing in the sunny city of Charlotte, North Carolina.

My career started in Nashville, hustling to catch press opportunities for FOX's MasterChef, Naomi Campbell's The Face, and country star, Kelsea Ballerini. While helping others reach their goals, I realized I had creative dreams of my own. I accepted a job as a Marketing Manager at a start-up in Bushwick, Brooklyn. This was the first job I held where I had the opportunity to shoot commercial photographs (you can see them right here!) and play with websites. The rush of the streets, the delicious smells of food trucks (covering the not-so-delicious city smells ha!), the old walk-ups, and the endless possibilities of the city stole my heart.

I wanted to capture it all - all the little “nothings” that meant so much to me and thus I began carrying my camera everywhere with me. The more I shot, the more I wanted to leave the marketing world for something more creative. I took every chance I could to learn more about web design and photography and, after two years, landed a job as a visual designer at Five Stone Agency in Midtown. My team was fabulous and I credit them with a lot of what I know today. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and after a few years in the city, I couldn’t help but return to my home city of Charlotte.

Whether it’s a photo of you or a large scale website for your brand, it’s personal. You have a story worth sharing. So let's get to it!


Fast Facts:


The best professional advice I’ve received was...

“Pull people up with you - there is room for everyone.”

It might surprise people that...

I didn’t go to school for something creative.

I find inspiration from...

being outside. I have been known to get on a creative thought trail and end up walking 10+ miles. I once took the train to Montauk and walked so far to get to an old lighthouse I had to call a cab to come get me. I was very sunburnt haha.

My favorite artist is...

Vincent Van Gogh. The first time I saw his work hanging in The Met I was 24 and I cried.

go-to movies...

You’ve Got Mail, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Bridesmaids, Pride & Prejudice, and Les Miserables.

Go-To Musicians...

Adele, Fleetwood Mac, John Mayer, The Head and The Heart, Sleeping at Last, The Beatles, and Noah Gunderson…to name a few.

you’re rollin’ up to the roller skating rink on friday night, who’s in your Posse?

(Borrowing this question from my fellow creative and friend, Sofia. It’s just that good.)

Abraham Lincoln, Adele, Kristen Wiig, and Vincent Van Gogh.