Let's Talk Story. Odds are you have a good one.

During this process we will work closely to answer the “why” behind your company vision. This process will involve a lot of intentional questions, thorough conversations, vision casting, moodboard creating (helloPinterest!), and Pantone sifting. The result will be a beautiful and cohesive brand you are proud to share with your audience (and your mom). With each client I break down the process into the following three steps:


Brand Identity

Whether you simply have an idea or you want to get your established brand back on track, this phase is where we will research, ask in-depth questions, and get back to the basics of why you went into business in the first place. This is the most important piece of the brand puzzle. I promise if you dig deep and put in the work, it will make every other decision (business or creative) your business makes immensely easier.


Target Market

Which of these people is in need of what you have to offer? Hint: it's not all of them, but it could be a lot of them. Let's figure out who your consumer is: What do they like? What are there values? What problem could does your product or service solve for them?


Design Package

You know your identity and who you want to share your product or service with - now comes the fun part! It's time to build a logo as well as pick fonts, choose colors, and design patterns that support your brand.